About the show

Why did you make a website?

The goal of BinaryChaos.TV was to create my own name and brand as well as centralize all my content into one place. Here, you can find my Twitch stream, access my blog and contact me, among other things. Think of it as the central web about everything related to me. I always wanted to create my own website, and I think it makes the BinaryChaosTV brand more professional.

When did you start streaming?

I started creating my own YouTube content at the age of 16. I made an intro video, took a stab at it, and fell in love with it. Being able to comment on what I am doing, what I am thinking and interacting with viewers all make for a dynamic experience, and beats playing alone any day. However, due to time constraints, limited Internet bandwidth and financial restrictions, I had to leave my goal of making a web show on the back burner.

In November 2015, I decided to restart making content and expanded. I created a new look, upgraded my gear, made my own Twitch channel and even launched a website. I still love it as much as I did when I started, which I believe is a sign that I am meant to do this.

What are your favourite games?

Some of my favourite titles include Bioshock, Mass Effect and Portal, but I typically enjoy any game with a storyline. I find myself slowly drifting away from multiplayer games in favour for compelling single-player titles. My favourite genre are puzzle/strategy games, but I also enjoy certain RPGs, shooters, platformers and action games.

Stream Rules

I work hard to make sure that everyone can view my stream and enjoy themselves in a fun and respectful manner. Because I teach as a full time job, I have pay attention to what I say, and consequently, what happens on my show. I do not want my teaching career to impact my hobbies, and as such I have to impose some rules so everyone can enjoy my stream.

These rules are subject to change at any time. Failure to follow the rules can result in timeouts and even temporary bans. Full bans are reserved only for repeating offenders or if you do something completely out of line and have only been in the  channel for 14 seconds. In other words, let’s try to keep it PG. Some terms are OK in a certain context, other times they are not. Use your judgement. And remember, have fun!

1. No Spamming 

NO FULL CAPS, emote spam, or constantly repeating the same thing. There are times when this is acceptable, such as when something unexpected happens. However, please do not spam solely because I’m not answering you or because you feel like it.

2. No offensive language

Do not work around it either.

3. Avoid talking about religion and politics

We’ll have meaningful discussions from time to time, but some of these are too divisive.

4. Ask before posting a link

Some are permitted by default, such as clips from Twitch.

5. Stay respectful to others

People have different opinions than you, and that’s OK. Adopt an open mind.

 How can I help?

Binarychaos.tv will always be free to watch, whether it be on Twitch.tv, YouTube, or any future platform to appear in the years to come. However, it never hurts to get some help along the way. There are a number of ways you can help support what I do, and it does not have to involve money.

Share my content

Although I like to use BinaryChaos.TV, my blog and social media as my primary source of content sharing, it can be a long process to get noticed. If you enjoy what I do, make sure to check out my videos, leave a like, follow, subscribe and share my content with your friends. Every click counts, and demonstrates that whatever I am doing is working.

Make some art

I do play around with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro, and am improving every time I use these programs. However, I am far from being a professional. If you want to submit some graphics (such as emotes, overlays, etc.), music, intro videos and more for me to use during my streams, feel free to submit them at contact@binarychaos.tv.

Participate and be helpful

From time to time, I will be looking for some moderators to help me for my stream. Some responsibilities may include changing the title or descriptions, moderating chat, and more. I look for responsible and respectful people, so please do not ask constantly or be aggressive, as this will likely reduce your chances of becoming mod.

Donate or Subscribe

My content will always be free. However, donating a few dollars is always a great way to support my website, channel and stream. It is a way to let me know that people enjoy what I do, and is also a way to accomplish my goals! If you donate while I stream, I will always give a shoutout to the donator.

This is the same link I use to read donations on Twitch, through Streamlabs.
Subscribe for awesome emotes and shiny sub badges.

Streaming Equipment


Streaming/Recording: Streamlabs OBS, OBS
Donations/Subs & Alerts: Streamlabs
Chat Bot & Commands: Phantombot

Official Discord

Chat with me and other viewers while I’m not streaming, and play games with fellow members of the community with the server’s voice channels.
Receive notifications when I go live, news about the show or what’s happening in my life.
Gain exclusive access to chat/voice channels if you’re subscribed to me on Twitch.

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